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About Us

Hello lovelies! We are Elanor and Hope, two home educating mammas from the West Midlands.

We met around six years ago at a home education forest school session and have been firm friends ever since. We quickly realised we had a shared passion for art, textiles, pink, alcohol and all things quirky! 
Elanor is a single parent to two gorgeous kids, and Hope lives with her partner and soon to be teenage son! (Eeek!)

We came up with the idea for The Bag Ladies when we were both going through some major life changes and realised we both needed an outlet, and, an income! 
Together we have designed and made everything you see in the shop. Neither of us are great at reading patterns so we tend to make it up as we go, a bit like life really. 

The business is about to come into its third year and it has (thankfully) been going from strength to strength. Unfortunately, because of Covid, our business meetings are now conducted around the kitchen table and not in the pub, although we still have gin. Just to help the creative juices flowing you understand! 

We are constantly looking for new ideas and new ways to make this venture work. It means a lot to us and we really, really hope you like what we do as much as we do! 
x x x